Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Little Piece Of Heaven..

Ever since I remember, I’ve loved running in the sand on the beach, and sitting on the rocks by the sea listening to the waves... Ever since I can remember, it has been the one sight that always made me happy...the first thing I set my eyes on when I go to my ancestral home, Kunnummal, in the lush scenery of God's own country, Kerala.

I've been blessed. The settings around Kunnummal are like a piece of heaven, like a diamond lost in the wilderness known only to the discerning eye.

As kids, we used to love the excitement of the waves and my cousins and I have a truckload of cherished memories of fun, games and laughter on this beach. As adults, we revel in the serene tranquility of the waves, sitting on the rocks pondering over our lives and how we've come a long way.
For me personally, Kunnummal represents solid stability: a place we can go to no matter what. A place where we’ll be welcome no matter how old we grow or how much we change.

And of course, I think what makes it complete are my grandparents smiling faces. Every time we go there, they’d be waiting for us, with a cheery look and giant hugs. And my grandma asking if we’ve eaten. They’re like a pillar of strength and stability, always there.

Since we were little kids, the thought of their hugs were and is exciting. It makes me feel blessed, to see the love in their eyes; to see that no matter who we are in our real lives, and no matter how much we’ve achieved or failed, we’ll still be their little children.

Now I am sitting back in my office and the beautiful beach and the waves are just a memory. Can’t wait to head back.

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