Friday, 14 December 2007

Matters of the Heart

Heartbreak is a funny thing innit? No matter how many times you have been through it or how much you expect it, it still makes you feel the same way…so many songs and poems have been dedicated to just that but still, the enigma of heartbreak has not yet been deciphered…

Each time it comes, it carries gifts – sorrow, pain, loneliness, the works. It leaves the people involved in such turmoil, from the depths of loneliness to the throes of pain, the indignant feeling of being victimized, the yellow film of negativity that envelopes your view of everything and everyone, the way a person turns form loved to hated, the way a memory changes from being cherished to despised, the way ‘the one’ transforms from being the center of your universe into just another random star in the distance, its one long roller coaster ride.

And the ride takes hell of a long time to reach its destination. The journey in itself is too much. But time is such a magical thing, it heals like none other, it washes away all the pain and hurt and sorrow and somehow fills those vacuums with something slightly better slowly and steadily till we’re ready to start the journey all over again.

We as humans are supposed to be smart intelligent beings who are capable of protecting ourselves yet the games of the heart is always played indulgently. We always wear our heart on our sleeves. No matter how many times one get one gets hurt or cheated and no matter how bad the blow has been, we still are always on the lookout : to love and to be loved, believing, hoping that the next person will never break your faith or your heart.

Sometimes I wonder why we do this, time and again, time after time, how we keep going on and on and on. And I realize that ultimately hope is all we have got on our side, hope to find the one made for us, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better future and hope that the one for you will never break your heart.

But it’s not fair now, is it? But then, what in life is?


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